Making the Book of Shadows

Summer was long¬†this year and it merged seamlessly with Autumn. Warm breezes, hot sunshine… it seemed to go on forever. This weekend the weather changed. The sun lost its sting, handing it over to an icy breeze. Winter is here, finally. My favourite time.

I’ve been putting together the Book of Shadows for a few weeks now. Hours and hours in Photoshop, then to the printers, then the floor scattered with paper and my fingers sticky with glue.

Here it is!

I want this journal to be something that can grow. The three elements that I have created so far, have sparked so many more ideas. I can’t wait to bring them all to life.

journal 1 3

I have finished my covers and bound my book. Each chapter has been made into a signature and tethered to the spine.






The Book of Runes has all of its little cards sitting neatly in their pockets.

I’m really happy with the colours and feel of the cards. I can’t stop shuffling them, turning them over and back.




I was going through some photos of my old herb garden yesterday.

herbsIt was sad to leave it when we moved. From the garden I kept bunches of mint, parsley, rosemary, thyme, basil and sage that I dried hanging on strings. I’ve started putting them into their envelopes. The book smells beautiful now.



Today I wrote the first words inside, sitting in a patch of sunshine at my big black wood table….

journal writing



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