The Ultimate Kitchen Kit

Recently, I was at my mum and dad’s house, going through old photos and cards. It’s only really been in my thirties that I have begun to appreciate things like seeing my great grandmother’s handwriting on the back of a faded postcard. When I was younger, my grandmother gave me a little book that she […]

Making the Book of Shadows

Summer was long┬áthis year and it merged seamlessly with Autumn. Warm breezes, hot sunshine… it seemed to go on forever. This weekend the weather changed. The sun lost its sting, handing it over to an icy breeze. Winter is here, finally. My favourite time. I’ve been putting together the Book of Shadows for a few […]

A garden full of magic

┬áMy beautiful garden…. I moved house this year… leaving behind my magical herb garden. It was wild and lush and herbs grew rampantly, tangled around each other, in and out of the rose bushes. We have settled into our new place, and with winter approaching, building a new garden has been pushed aside for a […]