One day, Two nights

Arrive:Β Thursday, 3rd January 2:35pm Train K23

Accomodation: UB Guest House / Steppe Nomads Eco Camp


Leave for Irkutsk: Saturday, 5th January 3:22pm Train

After 32 hours on the train, we have left China and crossed the border into Mongolia to arrive at our first stop, Ulaanbaatar. We arrive mid afternoon which gives us plenty of time to transfer to our hotel, have a shower and check out the city. That night, we brave the cold to experience some family style Mongolian Hotpot at The Bull Restaurants.

Friday morning we are picked up and taken to our Ger camp where we will spend the night in a traditional yert at Steppe Nomads Eco Camp.

Saturday morning we travel back to Ulaanbaatar, in time to catch the train to Irkutsk at 3:22pm.


Saturday morning we travel back to Ulaanbaatar, leaving on the train at 3:22pm.

Stuff To Do

Winter In Mongolia Is Cold But Incredibly Beautiful